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Prevent and manage colds and flu

By Jocelyn Carter on 09/05/2016

Our naturopath Jocelyn’s health tip on preventing and managing colds and flu:

The common cold, flu and associated infections are one of the most common reasons for
absence from work or school because of ill health.
Most people are aware of how winter colds, flu & infections impact day to day life.
Catching a cold or flu not only affects your own health and wellbeing, the health of your family,
friends and colleagues may also suffer.
You can significantly reduce the risk of catching colds, flu & other infections through the use of
specific herbs & nutritional supplements. You can also significantly reduce the severity and
duration of the common cold and flu.
Herbs used to assist in the prevention of colds, flu and other infections include Astragalas,
Andrographus, Echinacea, Elder, Myrrh, Eyebright, Golden Seal, Clove and Thyme. Nutritional
supplements such as vitamins A, C, D and E and Zinc may also assist.
The correct combination of herbs and nutritional supplements will regulate immune function
through enhancing the activity of immune cells. Immunity may be increased in a number of
ways, e.g influencing T-cells, stimulating the production of interferons (proteins that protect cells
against viruses), stimulating production of antibodies, and stimulating production of humoral
thymus factor. The function of leucocytes (white blood cells) may also b e improved. Think of
these herbs and nutrients as priming the internal army that fights viruses and other pathogens.
Choosing the correct treatment regime is essential to preventing and managing winter colds, flu
and associated infections. The correct treatment regime will stimulate aspects of the immune
system which fight viral and/or bacterial infections, as well as providing relief of symptoms
associated with colds, flu and associated infections.
I have the knowledge and experience to select the correct treatment regime to suit you and your
Due to popular demand I have developed an Immune Support Programs to assist people to take
a natural approach to managing colds, flu and other infections this winter.
My Immune Care Program for the cold & flu season will provide up to 3 months protection from
winter colds & flu. Taken regularly, the Program will also significantly reduce the severity and
duration of colds and flu, At the patient’s first appointment she
will quickly assess your health and choose
an appropriate blend of herbs & a nutritional supplement to suit you.
To make an appointment with me to discuss preventing colds, flu and other infections this winter, please contact the centre on 61741834 or book online at www.cctcentre.com.au .
Refund for a consultation is available from most health funds.
I have been providing safe and effective
health care to the Canberra Region for over 15 years.

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