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By Rhonda D on 22/01/2016

The word ‘Reiki’ means universal life force energy. The Rei means universal or boundless and the Ki refers to the life force.

Reiki is not a religion, a cult, nor a doctrine, it is not a belief system or a form of mind control. Reiki is a safe technique to activate and amplifying, the natural life-force energy within you.

This process of transferring universal life force energy has been used for thousands of years, all over the world, in many forms for balancing and healing, and it has been called by many names.

Dr. Usui from Japan, rediscovered and developed his understanding and form of practice and called it ‘Reiki’, it was introduced to the West in the 1930’s. This is the linage I was initiated into, I am a Reiki Master this took me many years of practice and attunments to obtain.

The Reiki practitioner taps into the abundant universal life force energy and transfers it to the patient. You as the client are fully clothed laying on the healing table and I as the practitioner will place my hands on your body. I am a conduit or channel of this pure Loving energy.

When your life force energy is low, you are susceptible to illness or dis-ease. Reiki is powerful yet gentle, subtle yet a precise art, for restoring and balancing depleted energy

Most people feel a deep sense of peace and relaxation during and after the treatment, another thing you may feel is heat coming from my hands. Other benefits from having a ‘Reiki’ treatment may include:

Stress Relief
Clarity of the Mind
Pain Relief
Boosts your Vitality
Assists with the Ability to Cope with Life’s Challenges
Bringing you a Sense of Peace and Calm

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