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Spiritual Healing

The body and the soul are not two separate things, we are a being conformed by those two. Our mind helps us to bond this two so that we experience our different realities.

Having said that it is important to take care of the mind, the body and the soul.

When the body needs food we feed ourselves, and when the mind and soul feel stressed, lonely and confused, amongst other symptoms; spiritual healing is a good way to help ourselves.

There are many Spiritual Healing modalities.

At the centre, in each session our healer Jenny uses 3 modalities as a minimum to treat the ailment from different angles.

It begins with Reiki to relax the body, balance the Chakras and prepare the clients mindset for the next therapy.

Thetahealing which is the next step reaches the subconscious mind through a meditative state in which the practitioner with her psychic abilities and knowledge can help the client clear past traumas and move forward in life.

The third step is a Mexican Energy Cleanse and grounding, this moves the energy of the client so that he/she after feeling so relaxed because of the other modalities now awakens and everything they experienced throughout the whole session gets integrated.

Who can benefit from this?
* Mothers
* People with Stress
* People that feel they are Lost
* People with Relationship Problems
* People who are interested in Spiritual Growth

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Address: Unit 69, Level 1, 10 Lonsdale Street, Braddon, Canberra, ACT2612 (in the “Arte” apartment next to “Civic Pub”, please use the office foyer entrance)

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