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Laser Acupuncture

LASER ACUPUNCTURE is the stimulation of specific skin points which transmit electrical impulses along nerves to the spinal cord and brain, resulting in healing and general improvement in health and well being. 

LOW LEVEL LASER THERAPY is the application of infra-red light to injured or damaged tissues to promote healing and give pain relief.

The laser not only gives the acupuncture effect, but also has its own anti-inflammatory effect on the tissues. Low level laser has a photochemical (not thermal) effect on the cells. The light energy is absorbed by the cell and converted to chemical energy. Cell function improves, allowing healing to take place. Enzymes such as endorphins and seratonin are released to give further pain relief.

The advantages of low level laser are: it is a painless, drug-free treatment; it can be used concurrently with other forms of therapy; it has an insignificant effect on normal healthy tissue; it can be used immediately after an injury; it does not interfere with pacemakers, metal implants, etc.; and it can be used over artificial joints.

Laser has no known side-effects, although special care is used near the eyes and with pregnancy or cancer.

The usual regime for laser therapy is 1 to 2 treatments per week for 2 to 3 weeks. Significant improvement usually occurs within 6 treatments. Mild conditions may need fewer treatments, severe conditions may need up to 10 or 12 treatments. Some chronic conditions may require weekly or booster treatments over a longer period.

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